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This variable simply separates the issues identified in the preceding variable (issue) into the following larger categories: criminal procedure (issues 10010-10600), civil rights (issues 20010-20410), First Amendment (issues 30010-30020), due process (issues 40010-40070), privacy (issues 50010-50040), attorneys' or governmental officials' fees or compensation (issues 60010-60040), unions (issues 70010-70210), economic activity (issues 80010-80350), judicial power (issues 90010-90520), federalism (issues 100010-100130), interstate relation (issues 110010-110030), federal taxation (issues 120010-120040), miscellaneous (issues 130010-130020), and private law (issues 140010-140080).

The contents of these issue areas are both over- and under-specfied; especially those of largest size: criminal procedure, civil rights,and economic ativity. In the interests of precision, users focusing on this variable would be wise to specify the components of a specific issue area that their analyses include or exclude.

Note that some of the issues in an issue area will have a distinctive direction at variance from the issue area's overal direction. E.g., the liability variables 80060, 80070, and 80080. See decision direction.
1 Criminal Procedure
2 Civil Rights
3 First Amendment
4 Due Process
5 Privacy
6 Attorneys
7 Unions
8 Economic Activity
9 Judicial Power
10 Federalism
11 Interstate Relations
12 Federal Taxation
13 Miscellaneous
14 Private Action
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